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, rain. the texas coast, beaumont, port arthur through galveston and an few showers near houston popped up. a few areas this morning a rough drive. otherwise, a quiet weather map the entire northern half kuch country. a warm weather map and not the incredible heat wave we've seen over the last the two weeks and hoping to get rain. arkansas one of the worst drought spots in the country along with colorado. the potential, especially eastern half of arkansas, a little rain. showers and thunderstorms hit-and-miss throughout the south east and a warm typical summerlike day for rest of us. enjoy. >> thanks, bill. >>> revising downward on wall street. americans city going bust, and which of the united states is the best for doing business? your "first look" at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. >>> coming up, griffin strikes is rich, an all-star blowout and what fans know the rest of us don't. you're watching "first look" on nbc. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: slow ] [ barks ] ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barks ] beneful playful life is made with energy-packed wholesome grains... and real beef a
jon: busy two hours. golf perry told you texas won't buy into the medicaid expansion. jenna: won't do it. jon: the guy followed by the shark in cape cod. jenna: busy day. [laughter] "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert on a telling new poll that shows americans believe president obama has changed this country as he campaigned and promised that he would to back in -- would do back in 2008, but not as many had hoped. welcome to "america live," i'm megyn kelly. a new polling question is shaking up the campaign today. first, the hill asked people if they believed the president has changed the country. 68% said, yes, he has. and when they were asked how, the results not good news. 56% of voters believe that during the first three years of the obama administration the president has changed america in a negative way, for the worse. 35% believe the country has changed for the better. one in five democrats believes the president has changed the country for the worse. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play" on so there
from our l.a. bureau. >> reporter: it happened near brownsville, texas, and remember, the rio grande is often dry, so it really is just a concrete culvert with no praise to hide for the agents. the border patrol is acknowledging, in fact, that two agents fired into mexico, one because he was being pelted with rocks, the other because a gun was being pointed at him. now, the border patrol says it has no knowledge of anyone being hit on the mexican side, but mexican authorities say a teenager was shot and killed. remember this? this is the incident back in 2010 where a border patrol agent who was on a bicycle shot and killed a 15-year-old because the 15-year-old and other teens were throwing rocks at two border patrol officers. that clearly caused some big time tension between the u.s. and mexico, so much so that a day later -- remember this? -- the mexican federales lining up on the other side of the border, and the border patrol on our side with shields. it was almost like a showdown. the mexican government believes the border patrol is using excessive force. but to remind you, the b
, thunderstorms across much of texas, the south and florida. scattered showers from the carolinas, up to the nation's capital. also, a chance of showers around st. louis, des moines and omaha. >> mostly 80s from the western plains to the northeast. 90s in the rockies and from dallas to atlanta. 112 in phoenix. >>> coming up next after the break, the mad scramble after a popular pain reliever is pulled off the shelves. what a bottle of excedrin is getting on the black market. >>> and starbucks. the chain today. >>> and there's no place like home. the all-star slugger who crushed it at the home run derby. >>> welcome back, everybody. well, gas prices are heading up again. they've increased 6 cents just in the past week. now, the national average is about $3.61 a gallon. that is still 23 cents a gallon less than a year ago. >>> and big news from europe overnight. spain's banks are getting a bailout. in the wee hours finance ministers agreed to a package of at least $37 million by the end of the month with more to come. europe's debt crisis has been a drag on other countries, as such as t
... ♪ rocky mountain high ♪ rocky, rocky mountain high ♪ ♪ all my exes live in texas born on the bayou [ female announcer ] the perfect song for everywhere can be downloaded almost anywhere. ♪ i'm back, back in the new york groove ♪ [ male announcer ] the nation's largest 4g network. covering 2,000 more 4g cities and towns than verin. rethink possible. megyn: breaking news today in the divorce between katie holmes and tom cruise. holmes' attorney releasing a statement denying report that is the actress wants an emergency hearing on custody and child support. meantime, we are getting new and fascinating insight today into the minds of the former hollywood couple. while cruise says he was blindsided by the divorce filing, holmes may have hinted about the split six weeks before filing for divorce in an interview with elle magazine. when asked about her husband, she said, quote: he's been tom cruise for 30 years meaning, you know, the tom cruise, and i know who i am and where i am and where i want to go, so i want to focus now on that. dr. keith ablow's a psychiatrist and member of the
's energy mix. let's go. >>> more news unfolding. rapid fire. roll it. in texas there as federal trial under way today over this new voter i.d. law. the law says texans have to show photo identification in order to cast a ballot, but the u.s. attorney general's office blocked the law, saying it could make it tougher for minorities, for the disabled to vote. the texas ag points out at least four other states require photo i.d. for people to cast their ballots. >>> lance armstrong is suing to try to block the doping charges against him. the u.s. anti-doping agency accuses the seven-time tour de france champ of using performance enhancing drugs. armstrong's lawsuit says the agency's proceedings are rigged and they go on to accuse the agency of looking to snare a big fish to justify its existence. the anti-doping agency says armstrong's lawsuit doesn't have a leg to stand on. >>> at a florida courthouse this morning people started throwing punches causing an all out brawl. >> hey! hey! >> wow. look at this. this is unbelievable. according to our affiliate wftv this fight broke out between a murd
the justice department will challenge texas' proposed law that would require voters to show identification. last hour on "starting point" we heard from one texas lawmaker who scoffs at claims that minorities are being unfairly targeted. >> what we really want are people eligible to vote. we want them to get to the polls and register to vote. we don't want those who are dead. we want actual real ballots from real people and this law does that. >> joe johns joins us now. what's the core issue before the court today? >> reporter: this is a texas case and the question in court is about ensuring the integrity of the ballot versus making sure voting rights of minorities are protected. it will be determined by your party affiliation. republicans arguing for a long time now that voter fraud is a big problem. we've heard that argument and so something numerous states have enacted laws that require voters to present photo identification though some have been challenged. democrats say a lot of democratic voters especially segments of the african-american and hispanic populations tend to lack the kind
. this is why texas passed a law in 2011 requiring voters to provide a voter i.d. and many march the obama administration blocked the law saying it is unfair to the minority voters and then texas sued the government saying that the motives are political. the trial starts today and a real test of the voting rights act of 1965 which essentially safeguards minority voting rights. i want to bring in ryan haygood who is director of the participation group at the naacp fund and first of all, talk about, ryan, the core issue here that people want to know. they are getting it of ensuring the integrity of the ballot that people should be able to vote. >> sure. thank you for having me on the show, suzanne. what is the what is at issue is three judges in texas will be considering if the voter i.d. law will affect the voting rights. our naacp legal defense fund represents three young students who had voted in previous elections using the only form of i.d. they had, student i.d., and texas' proposed law does not allow for the use of student i.d., but curiously will for the concealed handgun licenses, b
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a billion dollars a year. >>> else where jc penney will lay off another 350 at its texas quarters. 30% have been axed since spring. >>> the san bernardino city council has voted to declare bankruptcy. california's third city to seek bankruptcy protection in less than two weeks. and with his city out of cash without negotiation the mayor of scranton, pennsylvania, cut the pay of city workers including police, firefighters, and even himself to minimum wage. city worker unions have launched several court actions against the cuts. >>> and finally for the third time in the six years cnbc has done a list of the best states for business. texas has finished number one with top ten finishes in six out of ten competitiveness categories. >>> well, coming up the l.a. clippers' big man signs for big bucks and a motorcycle racer's premature celebration. >>> plus the all-star game's lone home run is good enough to win the mvp award. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. soo so the big heat has left. the question is when will it come back. your forecast is coming up. you're watching "earl
without electricity for millions. >>> stranded. the cross-country flight forced to touch down in texas. passengers stuck in an airport for nearly a day. >>> and stowaways. imagine finding these guys in your car. >>> good morning. i'm sunny hostin, in for paula faris. >> and i'm rob nelson. we begin with holiday security on this morning before we mark the nation's birthday. >> intelligence officials tell us that no specific threat has been identified ahead of the july 4th holiday. but they say there's continuing concern about plots involving al qaeda's affiliate in yemen. that means anyone attending a big independence day celebration is likely to see stepped-up security, particularly in new york, philadelphia and washington. >>> also this morning, iran's powerful revolutionary guard is conducting major military exercises. it launched several missiles this morning, including long-range ones, capable of hitting u.s. ships in the persian gulf. these war games coincide with the start of an oil embargo by the european union. the u.s. is quietly increasing its forces in the region. >>> july f
it will disenfranchise other legitimate voters including the poor and the elderly. current texas law allows people to she voter registration card or a utility bill. the if you rule requires a government issued photo card. it also allows handgun licensing but not student i.d.'s. our judicial analyst joins us with details on this. one side argues, judge, that this is very good, a very good thing for republicans because of the kind of people who are more likely to vote democratic the kind people i just listed who would be in the words of some democrats, disenfranchised. >>judge napolitano: if that is the reason for the statutes the courts will probably invalidate it. the statute has to be neutral on its face and in application. it cannot be written with the purpose of enhancing the vote for one side over the other. the argument in favor of the statute is, look, you need to show an i.d. to walk into a federal government building and a state government building or to get on a plane. you should be able to show an i.d. to vote to prevent voter fraud. the federal government argument is voting is a fundamental li
valley and through texas could become active. it's the heat of the day that will get those going. d.c., isolated chance. better chances toward raleigh, char shot, south carolina, atlanta as well. a few showers toward the houston area, a few of them producing a little bit of lightning. we'll talk about what we can expect the next couple of days. for some areas it's repeating itself day after day. >>> also coming up, earnings start off down. china shows no sign of heating up. and what is by far america's favorite flower? your first look at business headlines straight ahead. >>> prince is king of the home run derby. and cheering a yankees slugger. [ male announcer ] you sprayed them. thought they were dead. huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. roundup. no root. no weed. no problem. did you know honey nut cheerios is america's favorite cereal? oh, you're good! hey, did you know that honey nut cheerios is... oh you too! ooh, hey america's favorite cereal is... honey nut cheerios ok then off to iceland! >>> welcome back to "f
in the ninth a little bit there but you have to go out and try to 'split the series tomorrow. >> a's in texas. malone on the mound. struck out the side in the first. six strikeouts in five innings. chris carter called up from the minors yesterday where he hit a home run. does the same today. solo shot just clears the wall. adrian beltre ties it up with someone wing of the bat. a 1-1-ball game. instance -- kinsler, bloop singer. a run scores. josh hamilton, five-run fifth. rangers win 7-2. texas the first team to reach 50 wins this season. >> let's switch gears, tennis, cycling and golf, tiger woods had quite a round after the storm of the center back east. stick >> the first saturday at wimbledon, always a great day. for the american men, roddick and query both gone and fish moves on. serene lost their first set. wasn't moving that well. came back in the second, hitting one of their 23 a's. first set tiebreaker. now tied at second. he the return is wide. serena was pumped up. tour de france begins today in bill jump. fabian cancellara won in 7:13 and will open tomorrow stage one in the yellow
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. in the women's competitors shoved it down in 1:23. >>> in texas the biggest problem for a skunk is usually the odor but this little guy got a bottle stuck to his face and wandered around for a few minutes with a container. animal control showed up and removed the bottle. the skunk was said to be confused but doing just fine. >>> for a look at your national and regional weather, bill karins. >> go back to the ice cream story. how would you have done? >> pretty good. i hate to say it but i could have blown them out of the water. >> i get impran freezes. >> give me a banana split i could have taken you out in a minute flat. >> i would have watched. another heat wave in the middle of the country but the heat is going to peak. yesterday 95-plus club with washington, d.c., chicago, st. louis, indianapolis, des moines, kansas city, wichita, kansas city, and 102 in rapid city, and denver hit 100 also. the next heat wave we're not watching that way in the way of wet weather to provide us any relief or cloud cover for that matter. we have heat advisories for many areas of south dakota, southern wisc
agonizing 16-hour delay. an emergency landing in texas forced passengers to sleep on airport floors and basically fend for themselves. as abc's alex michaelson reports, there was a medical emergency on board that triggered the incident. >> reporter: a trip many of these people took to the disney world did not come with a fairy tale ending. the stranded passengers started on up nighted flight from orlando, bound for lax, passenger ice rtinez, an icu nurse, responded when the crew asked for medical personnel on board. >> what i was about to face, a man, diabetic patient, passenger, completely unresponsive, just in the back of the plane. >> reporter: a come of ski patrol officers then performed cpr they say for about 30 minutes. >> we were hoping for the best. just do what you are trained to do. >> reporter: the plane made an emergency landing in midland, texas where the man was rushed to the hospital. >> the pilot said he was dead. then the next morning, they said that he was still alive and just in intensive care at the hospital. >> reporter: passengers say they were told there were
cell phone carriers for private information. the request ranged from texas messms to -- text messchs to a person's location -- messages to a person's location. >> law enforcement has been shying away from getting warrants. instead they are using little -- court over sight and sucks up massive amount ofidate aa on -- of data on the american public. >> carriers receive 1.3 million information requests from law enforcement last year. >>> san francisco giants ace matt cain will be the national league starting pitcher at tomorrow's all-star game. last month matt cain pitched the first ever perfect game and the 22 ever in major league history. tony larussa says he selected matt cain because he will be throwing to buster posey. tomorrow's game will be right here on channel 2. we will have an early addition of ktvu channel 2 news at 4:00 p.m. followed by the game. >>> a carolina sporting -- a spare the air day tomorrow. concentrations of ground level ozone pollution are expected to be unhealthy so folks are being asked to drive less. that would help lower smog. high levels are particularly h
. appreciate it. >>> all right, now to that texas folk hero or a villain, the woman who was arrested for warning drivers about a speed trap ahead. >> reporter: good morning, police put natalie plummer behind bars because they say that she was a danger to drivers. she wasn't behind the wheel. she was riding her bike. natalie plummer is either a motorist's best friend or a menace to society. she was riding her bike along this road, and noticed that police were pulling over drivers in a e speed trap >> i was completely abiding by the law. i was warning other citizens of a situation ahead. >> reporter: police didn't agree and hauled her off to jail. she was charged with standing in the street obstructing traffic, a misdemeanor and spent 12 hours behind bars. if there's a video of me jumping in the road i would be more than happy to see that. >> reporter: she said that according to texas law the sign is legal. in fact, some states allowed drivers to flash their high beams to warn drivers that police are ahead. plummer's story has gone viral with thousands of americans showing her spot. >>
at a sanctuary in south africa to attack a texas graduate student. we're going to have the latest on that story. new images of one of the chimps involved thain attack. >>> then "today's" professionals are in the house. among the topics we're going to be talking about we already know airlines charge extra fees for baggage, meals, even extra leg room. how would you feel about paying a fee that would let you get off the plane faster when you arrive at the terminal? we'll talk about this and many other topics. >>> let's begin the half hour with attempted murder trial of a florida teenager accused of viciously attacking a younger girl. prosecutors say it was all because of text messages. nbc's kerry sanders in fort lauderdale this morning. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. wayne traceacy confessed he putn steele toed boots and tracked down ratley and attacked her, an attack so vicious it left her with brain damage. his lawyers claim he's not guilty because he was in sane. wayne treacy sat in court crying as prosecutors say he continued to kick the victim's head wearing steel toed
, texas, 40 miles north of the mexican border a well-known drug smuggling corridor. i.c.e agent was conducting an investigation. he was driving off-road in an suv in very tall brush when he was shot two times through the window of his unmarked suv he was struck twice. as you said, taken to the hospital. he is undergoing surgery right now. we're told he is expected to survive. there as you can see are dozens of law enforcement agents on scene. state, local and federal. the fbi is heading up the case because this was a federal agent who was shot. they are now looking for suspects. they believe there were at least one, maybe two shooters involved in this. they have now recovered some shell casings. we're getting word aside from the crime scene you're looking at right here, there is apparently another crime scene on the other side of town that may or may not be related to this shooting of a federal officer. again, this is just coming into us, megyn. as we get more on the shooting and the suspects we will break in and give that to you. megyn: back to you as you have more. trace, than
you, amy. >>> now, to texas, where a middle school principal is accused of using her daughter to plant a camera inside a girl's locker room. you're not going to believe the motive behind the alleged crime. abc's ryan owens has that story for us. >> reporter: a hidden camera planted in the girls' locker room at this texas high school. and set to record during halftime at a basketball game. prosecutors allege, wendy long, a mom, principal and former school board member, did it not to see anyone changing. but to capture how her daughter's new coach talked to the team because her girls campaigned he yelled too much. >> the intent was to invade the other person's privacy. >> reporter: what's more, prosecutors claim she had her 17-year-old daughter sneak the camera into the locker room and hide it. the grand jury did not indict her daughter. and authorities say the camera didn't record anything inappropriate. still, long was arrested and if convicted could face a $25,000 fine or even 20 years in prison. her attorney tells abc news, she is surprised and disappointed by the charges. and mainta
: yes, a little town, mineral wells, texas. it's time for the common sense police, fox. this is the ordinance in mineral wells, only have the flags out during a two week period around memorial day and veterans day. not around the 4th of july. >> how about 365 days you should be able to do that. when someone dies for our country we should be able to put a flag on their grave side. >> mike: and leave it there. >> i get it, you don't want the teddy bears and vases and plastic flowers and want it nice and clean, but a flag, i don't know anybody who would be opposed to that. what happens to the memorial. >> mike: you're talking about the clutter, flowers wilt, but how is a flag going to deteriorate. >> i think it's beautiful. if it's tattered, put another one there. >> dave: you make that sacrifice you probably would want a flag on your grave. let us know how you feel about that. would you want that-- ff weekend on twitter, there it is, the romney clan off on their annual family vacation this weekend. we bet it's like none other you've heard of or maybe
texas. i'll have more on that coming up in the next half hour. >> i noticed it was 93 in orlando today. >> yes. >> you'll be happy to be in new york. >> a little cooler here. >> thanks, brian. appreciate it. >>> at a time when so many people are looking for work, we've found an employer so desperate to fill jobs, he's offering an amazing perk. >> this is such an incredible story. it's not just a paid vacation. the company also gives you cash money you can use to go anywhere you want. but as clayton sandell explains, there is a catch. >> reporter: at a time when more companies seem to be dumping workers, bart lorang can't find enough. >> we're competitive for the top talent. >> reporter: to recruit and keep happy programmers turning out lines of code. the flip-flop-wearing founder and ceo of this denver internet start-up is now offering what he calls paid paid vacation. >> $7,500, before taxes. >> reporter: you heard right. every employee gets 7,500 bucks every year for a dream vacation to anywhere. but the guy who may be the best boss ever, has rules. >> one, you actually have to take
. i think they may make some remedial suggestions to provide fans but this is texas. don't mess with texas. a very, very tough sentencing state. you know, i don't know what percentage of people in texas have fully air conditioned homes. these individuals are incarcerated. there is a purpose for incarceration. deterrence, protect the public, should be a just punishment. i understand that. but whether it really rises to the level -- >> you can watch the rest of my conversation with our legal guys in the 4:00 eastern hour of
. >>> a graduate student from texas in a fight for his life. the 26-year-old mauled by chimpanzees in south africa and underwent six hours of surgery. coming up, live with more on his recovery. what led to the vicious attack. we'll hear from a man who was there on the scene. >> with the olympics just 25 days away, the torch is passing through a special location today. princess diana's childhood home. we'll take you there live. >>> we'll begin with severe storms that battled the east coast. tom costello in an area of washington, d.c. where people there are still without power this morning. good morning to you, tom. >> reporter: hi, natalie, good morning. we could have picked almost any of many, many streets in virginia, maryland, washington, d.c. area to show awe scene like this. a massive tree down right on top of a car, power lines down. from the midwest to the mid-atlantic we have got a lot of destruction. just last night more storms in north carolina, three people dead there. let's put this into perspective, at the height of the outages, more than 5 million people without electricity. now it's
serving washington, has crews in from georgia, texas, even canada. >> it's tree trimmers, contract line crews, our crews, we're really starting to -we're going to make a dent in this, yes. >> but you know people are not happy. >> absolutely. and we get it. >> frustrated. highly frustrated. >> reporter: david rutland's refrigerator and his neighbors' are full of spoiling food. >> most of the stuff would probably be discarded. >> reporter: with gas stations unable to pump and thousands of people crowding malls and cooling shelters and libraries and schools, word is power might not be back on for many till friday. >> we've put a lot of money into restoring and/or hardening the system, but this was an extreme event. >> reporter: the first storms blasted through friday night, 90-mile-per-hour winds. >> you could see the rain coming through, trees falling, trash getting lifted off the ground. it was chaotic. >> reporter: more storms, heavy rain in chicago. wind in north carolina toppled more trees. one killed a couple on a golf cart. another killed a man taking refuge in a barn. the death tol
no one was hurt. >>> also mother nature caused quite a scare at the texas rangers game in suburban dallas last night. a flash of lightning and ultraloud clap of thunder came so close to the ballpark they sent the rangers running for cover. at the top of the 4th. the umpires were among the first to scurry off the field. the weather delay lasted just about 45 minutes. they need a thunder buddy like "ted." you haven't seen the movie. that joke is lost on you. >> wait. back there. totally over my head. i would look to see it. >> well you may not like it. it is a little. >> raunchy? >> very raunchy in parts. >> for my angelic aura. >> take a look. >> chicago has been hit extremely hard. 18 deaths in the past week. that already matches or surpasses the number of the entire heat related deaths from last summer. we are not halfway through july. >> the first time in decades they had three days, 100-plus-degree weather. since 1947. that's insane. you think chicago, you think brutal winters not summers. >> actually the summers can be really, really hot. >> whew. proof of that. >>> here is a look at
students in texas and say nearly all the girls and half the boys who sent photos did so even though the request bothered them. the study said teens who sent nude photos were more likely to have had sex compared to teens who don't take part in sexting. >>> here's a look at the question of the morning. >>> four decades ago most people did this. but today only 20% say they still do. is it drive a stick shift, change your own tire or write a letter? >> what do you think? go to wusa9's facebook fan page and we'll have the answer in our 6:00 show. we'll be right back. good morning everyone. everyone sitting in the upper 60s, 70 degrees. our winds today will be predominantly out of the south. we are warming up all the way into the middle 90s by later on this afternoon. monika? >>> if you are planning to head outside right now you'll find the volumes are light and good news for 66 drivers. no hov restrictions inside the beltway today. and none at all tomorrow fourth of july. >>> major changes are coming to the athletics program at the university of maryland. seven sports have been discontin
was not a factor in this crash. guys? >> thanks, john. appreciate it. >>> all right, now to that texas folk hero or is she a villain? we're talking about the woman who was arrested for warning drivers about a speed trap ahead. people are rallying to her side. this is from my hometown of houston, john. >> reporter: good morning, police put natalie plummer behind bars because they say that she was a danger to drivers. but get this, she wasn't behind the wheel. she was riding her bike. she stopped to give drivers a chance to beat a ticket. natalie plummer is either a motorist's best friend or a menace to society. just depends who you ask. just two weeks ago, she was riding her bike along this road, and noticed that houston police were pulling cars over in a speed trap. so she made a sign alerting her fellow texans to avoid getting a ticket. >> i was completely abiding by the law. i was warning other citizens of a situation ahead. >> reporter: but the officer in charge didn't agree and hauled her off to jail. >> he specifically stated multiple times that he was taking me to jail because of that sign
... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love this is for everyone back home it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. this is new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination... and businesses lead the world. the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. >>> this next story is ridiculous. so say things got out of hand in a debate in jordan is putting it mildly. take a look at this. so a jordanian member of parliament threw a shoe and then, get this, he pulled out a pistol when a discussion with a pormer politician got heated on tv. it was live. it seems he was accused of buying his way into parliament. the host stepped in to break up t
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